Canine Canmore –Tips for Visiting Canmore with Your Dog

Are you visiting Canmore with your dog? Here are a few insider tips on where to find essentials and dogs parks. Most importantly – we explain why it’s important to always have your dog on-leash.

Pet Stores & Grooming

Mutt Hut Pet EmporiumThis local downtown Canmore pet store has it all! They offer a large selection of high-quality products and food, as well as a pet bakery and spa-like grooming services. They also have the best in-house smoked marrow bones. Please consider supporting local!

Pet PlanetLocated near the Canadian Tire and the two grocery stores. Pet Planet has a good selection of treats, toys, food, and other products for your pet. They also have a self-serve grooming room at the back.

Dirty Dog Car & Truck Wash – You won’t find much about it online but here’s a local’s secret for you: there’s a do-it-yourself dog and car wash in Cougar Creek at 126 Bow Meadows Cres.

Why it’s Essential to Leash Your Dog in the Rockies

Did you know that all dogs must be on-leash at all times in and around Canmore, Banff, and Kananaskis due to an increased threat of wildlife conflicts? The only exceptions are the designated off-leash dog parks around Canmore, and off-leash dog parks in Banff. In the Rockies, wildlife is our top priority so off-leash dogs are considered a big taboo.

“A two-year remote camera study of human use in wildlife corridors and habitat patches around Canmore between 2015-2017 showed almost 50,000 records of dogs, 58 per cent of which were off leash. In particular, her research showed off-leash dogs had a negative impact on habitat use of black bears, elk and deer, and hikers were had a negative impact on habitat use of cougars and white-tailed deer.”  (Source)

Dog Parks in Canmore

Canmore has five incredible off-leash dog parks. We highly recommend checking them all out with your furry family members. You’ll notice that Canmore residents have no issue bringing balls and toys to the park. We like to give a head’s up as this can be different from the culture in other towns.

One of Canmore locals’ favourites is Quarry Park, which is suitable for only the very best-behaved dogs because it is unfenced. The Town of Canmore has placed large boulders to mark where the edge of the park is, and there are signs at the boundaries. Unfortunately the lake itself is not an off-leash area, but there is a pond in the dog park so your pooch can take a dip as well. If you are visiting in the winter remember to check the Town of Canmore’s avalanche bombing schedule for the East End of Rundle mountain. The booming sounds have been known to startle dogs that are unfamiliar with them.

Elk Run is arguably one of the best parks for a sunset game of fetch, as it features a large flat field and panoramic views of the mountain ranges that flank Canmore. This park is fenced, and at its busiest in the morning – typically from 7:30-9am. Sticks are hard to find here as there are few trees. We recommend bringing a ball or a toy of some kind just in case the park is quiet! This is the neighbourhood park most used by residents of the Cougar Creek area but there is a large parking lot and all are welcome!

Elk Run Dog Park Canmore Alberta

The Cougar Creek/1A Park is the second biggest park, and also the second-busiest (after Quarry). It’s rare to have this place to yourself! Locals call this park “Helipad” due to its proximity to the Heliport – if your dog is not comfortable with loud noises or crowds, this is not the park for you. Characterized by paths that wind through the trees, and rocky open areas (a remnant of the 2013 floods) this park can make you feel like you’re out on an adventure and not in a fully fenced park in town. If you’re steady on your feet and looking for a crowd, this park will tick all of the boxes – there are also lots of sticks!

Palliser dog park is a fully fenced park located in front of a condo complex. It is a smaller neighbourhood park that may seem as though it is just for the residents of those buildings. It is open to all, but parking can be limited on the street.

Hubman Dog Park is also a smaller neighbourhood park. There is limited parking here, in the lot located at the intersection of Three Sisters Boulevard and Riva Rd. The park is not immediately visible from the parking lot, and is accessed by following the paved path along the Frisbee Golf course. There is a high chance of coming across Elk here so please keep your pup leashed and under control until you are in the park.

Hiking with Dogs Around Canmore & Banff

Most dogs love walks, and hikes are basically just reaaally long walks, with a few more things to take into consideration. While we at Rockies Rentals are dog lovers and dog owners – we are not experts on hiking with dogs. For the top things to keep in mind when out on your next mountain adventure, check out The 10 Commandments of Hiking with Dogs.

There is one thing not noted in that article, however, that we think you should also keep in mind. Dogs need water when hiking, and most mountains lack water as you gain elevation. PLEASE always remember to bring water for you AND your dog.

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