Planning an Engagement in Canmore?

Are you planning an engagement in Canmore? A proposal is a special occasion. And the Canadian Rockies are a special place. Do you see where I am going with this? For an outdoor proposal, you will be hard-pressed to find a better backdrop than what Canmore and the surrounding area can provide, but there are still great options for those who wish to keep the romance indoors. From the simple to the sublime, feel free to get inspired by some of our suggestions below.

It is important to remember when planning your proposal that you should both feel comfortable in the environment where the proposal occurs, especially outside.

Rockies Rentals engagement - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Some Factors to Consider

  • Time of day – Sunrise or Sunset? Early Bird or Night Owl?
  • Privacy, crowds etc. – Some people don’t mind a crowd, some certainly do!
  • Weather – Always have a plan B & C, as the weather rarely plays nice in the mountains.
  • Activity – Fitness, enthusiasm, interest all come into play.
  • Photography – A selfie on your phone? Or a professional waiting in the wings?

If you are determined to have mountains in the background of your proposal, you really are spoilt for choice. Combine your proposal with a hike or bike trip and there are literally thousands of options. Some of the more popular spots will fill up quickly, so it is almost always best to leave earlier in the day. Weather conditions and the season will play a role too.

Seasonal Engagement Locations Near Canmore

  • Spring – The iconic Lake Louise is hard to say no to. It’s a gentle stroll to the end of the lake with incredible surroundings. You can go further though!
  • Summer – The wildflowers at Healy Pass or the view and seclusion from Grassi Knob are excellent places to pop the question!
  • Fall – The Larch Valley in Lake Louise is stunningly beautiful, and you can read all about about hiking up there.
  • Winter – Ha Ling is close to the town of Canmore, and while it’s not an easy hike to the summit you’re rewarded with a breathtaking, spectacular view.


Rockies Rentals engagement - kneeling - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Combine Your Engagement with a Special Activity

You could combine your proposal with a unique activity, of which there are many to choose from! You can head out yourself, but there are many great tour companies that offer add-ons for popping the question, so it’s worth looking into a few.

  • Canadian Rockies Experience – Offering guided experiences all year round, these guys will make sure whatever you are doing, from snowshoeing and ice walks to Summer Twilight Tours! Rockies Rentals guests get 10% off!
  • Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours – The most special Canadian experience anyone can have in Winter! Let the guides and husky heroes at Snowy Owl take the lead for you!
  • Alpine Helicopters Inc – Spectacular sightseeing is an ideal set up for popping the question!
  • Boundary Ranch – Riding the trails in “K-Country”, it might be a little further to get down to one knee off a horse, but it’ll be worth the trip. They even offer overnight pack trips in summer.

There’s also skiing, climbing, rafting, canoeing, caving, backcountry camping, kayaking, wild ice skating, frisbee golf, bird watching; the options are varied and endless!

Rockies Rentals engagement - She said yes! -photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Romantic Restaurants in Canmore

What about a proposal during dinner out? You don’t have to hide the ring in their dessert, but fine food in a romantic setting is a classic. Here are our 4 top picks:

  • four two nine six Possibly the most unique, creative and enjoyable dining experience in town.
  • änkôr New kid on the block that’s raising the standard of dining in the Valley.
  • Tapas Romantic and delicious sharing plates.
  • EDEN at the Rimrock A 5 star experience that lives long in the memory.
Rockies Rentals engagement ring - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Private Chefs in Canmore

How romantic would it be to have a local private chef cook a special feast for you and your partner, either at one of the Rockies Rentals properties or at a campfire? We know of a few people!

  • Epicureans Specialists in BBQ and Outdoor Campfire experiences. They also do Wine and Scotch tastings, as well as Mixology Classes!
  • Currys Curries by Ryan De Alwis Ryan is the proprietor of Currys Curries and is also a private chef specialising in mainly Asian cuisine, but also Mediterranean food.

Places to Find Romantic Picnic Supplies in Canmore

A romantic picnic in one of the many beautiful locations around town can’t go amiss! You can pick up all the necessary cheese, charcuterie, bread etc. at all these fine establishments:

  • Rusticana Grocery A local institution for anything and everything.
  • Red Gables Deli Fresh, locally sourced meats, breads and cheeses.
  • JK Bakery Cafe Great choice of breads and pastries, along with a mighty fine sausage roll.
  • Valbella Gourment Foods The local go to for the meat elements of any snack, picnic or meal.
  • Market Bistro Delicious food in the Bistro, but the liquor shop next door has an exceptional selection of drinks to take with you.
Rockies Rentals engagement - embrace - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Engagement in Canmore – Photographers

If you want to capture your special moment you could also hire a local professional photographer. To keep your engagement a surprise, you could say that you hired a photographer to follow you around. That way if your partner wishes to look their best for the proposal then they can, but the element of surprise can still be maintained! We highly recommend the following local photographers, both are experienced with proposals:

  • Caleb Huizinga Photography A plus with Caleb is that he’s also an experienced outdoor guide, so that can also be a “reason” as to why he’s there. The  photos in this blog are all his!
  • Wild Alpine Images Kahli and Leo are experts in both elopement photography and great locations. They have multiple packages on offer and your experience is fully customisable.

You can use one or combine a few of these ideas together to make sure the moment is as memorable as possible. Looking for somewhere romantic to stay? Rockies Rentals has the best collection of mountain homes available in Canmore.