Planning an Engagement in Canmore?

Are you planning an engagement in Canmore? A proposal is a special occasion. And the Canadian Rockies are a special place. Do you see where I am going with this? For an outdoor proposal, you will be hard-pressed to find a better backdrop than what Canmore and the surrounding area can provide, but there are still great options for those who wish to keep the romance indoors. From the simple to the sublime, feel free to get inspired by some of our suggestions below.

It is important to remember when planning your proposal that you should both feel comfortable in the environment where the proposal occurs, especially outside.

Rockies Rentals engagement - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Some Factors to Consider

If you are determined to have mountains in the background of your proposal, you really are spoilt for choice. Combine your proposal with a hike or bike trip and there are literally thousands of options. Some of the more popular spots will fill up quickly, so it is almost always best to leave earlier in the day. Weather conditions and the season will play a role too.

Seasonal Engagement Locations Near Canmore


Rockies Rentals engagement - kneeling - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Combine Your Engagement with a Special Activity

You could combine your proposal with a unique activity, of which there are many to choose from! You can head out yourself, but there are many great tour companies that offer add-ons for popping the question, so it’s worth looking into a few.

There’s also skiing, climbing, rafting, canoeing, caving, backcountry camping, kayaking, wild ice skating, frisbee golf, bird watching; the options are varied and endless!

Rockies Rentals engagement - She said yes! -photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Romantic Restaurants in Canmore

What about a proposal during dinner out? You don’t have to hide the ring in their dessert, but fine food in a romantic setting is a classic. Here are our 4 top picks:

Rockies Rentals engagement ring - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Private Chefs in Canmore

How romantic would it be to have a local private chef cook a special feast for you and your partner, either at one of the Rockies Rentals properties or at a campfire? We know of a few people!

Places to Find Romantic Picnic Supplies in Canmore

A romantic picnic in one of the many beautiful locations around town can’t go amiss! You can pick up all the necessary cheese, charcuterie, bread etc. at all these fine establishments:

Rockies Rentals engagement - embrace - photo by Caleb Huizinga

Photo by Caleb Huizinga

Engagement in Canmore – Photographers

If you want to capture your special moment you could also hire a local professional photographer. To keep your engagement a surprise, you could say that you hired a photographer to follow you around. That way if your partner wishes to look their best for the proposal then they can, but the element of surprise can still be maintained! We highly recommend the following local photographers, both are experienced with proposals:

You can use one or combine a few of these ideas together to make sure the moment is as memorable as possible. Looking for somewhere romantic to stay? Rockies Rentals has the best collection of mountain homes available in Canmore.

Spring Hikes in the Canadian Rockies

Spring is a tricky time of year in the Bow Valley for hiking due to wet and often unpredictable weather and therefore trail conditions. Anyone who complains that “…we’re having such strange weather this week” during the spring must be new to town. Spring Hikes in the Canadian Rockies are often hikes that can be done all year, but we think you’ll enjoy them the most earlier in the year. You can truly experience all four seasons in a day, so make sure you double check the trail reports and pack a waterproof jacket!

Local Favourite: Lake Agnes Trail to Plain of Six Glaciers Trail Loop, Lake Louise (10.8 km / Moderate)

Looking down Lake Louise

You might hear people criticize that Lake Louise gets too overcrowded, but you’ll rarely hear anyone claim it’s overrated. Lake Louise is simply breathtaking. A sight to behold once you arrive, the views get so much better once you are above the lake! Be prepared to leave early in the morning to get a parking spot or use the park and ride shuttle service a few kilometers south of Lake Louise. Be warned even the bus parking lot will fill up on busier days like weekends and holidays.

The Hike

This trail is so enjoyable as there’s so much to see and it can be adapted and altered depending on the fitness, experience and interest level of your group. The length (and difficulty) of the trail almost doubles if you take every detour. Boot grips are recommended, even in late spring.

Most approach this route counter-clockwise, which takes you up to Mirror Lake and then along to Lake Agnes. There, you’ll find the Lake Agnes Teahouse, an incredible spot to grab a snack if you wish (bring cash). You can then take a quick detour to the Little Beehive where you get an excellent view over Lake Louise while marveling at how far you have ascended. Walking around Lake Agnes, you have a choice, you can either take the Devil’s Thumb Trail around (where you can summit the Devil’s Thumb this way if you wish), or clamber up the much steeper Big Beehive. Majestic views of Lake Louise reward those who reach the end of the Big Beehive.

You might find the crowds thinning out as you head towards the Plain of Six Glaciers along the Highline Trail. The glaciers will come into view, and before any feelings of insignificance set in, you’ll have to decide on whether to drop down to the trail below and head back to Lake Louise or continue to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House for another pit stop and even more exquisite views of the glaciers. You might hear them cracking in the distance on warmer days. Also known as the “Tea House Challenge” taking in both tea house is a fantastic experience. Either way, you will finish up walking beside Lake Louise to get back into the town.

More Spring Hikes in the Canadian Rockies

Tunnel Mountain at Banff Townsite (4.5 km / Moderate)

Splendid views overlooking Banff and the surrounding area. A good “tune-up” hike to get into the season.

Boom Lake in Kootenay National Park (10.8 km / Easy)

A more relaxed day hike, especially for families. Nature all around with lots of good rest spots.

Jewell Pass via Prairie View Trail in Kananaskis (15.9 km / Moderate)

The Summit of the Jewell Pass Hike

A popular yet respectable hike, offering wonderful views and a great way for beginners to feel good about themselves.

Mount Baldy in Kananaskis (6.4 km / Hard)

This hike climbs almost a kilometer in elevation gain, but wonderful views of the Elbow-Sheep Wildland await those who make it to the top.


We’ve also detailed day hikes for Summer, Fall, and Winter. It is worth noting that all of these hikes require that dogs be leashed – for off leash dog park recommendations, check here.

Fantastic Fall Hikes Near Canmore

LARCH MADNESS! Fall is the time to catch the colours changing, and the last chance to reach a few choice spots before the roads and trails start closing. There are definitely plenty of hikes to be thankful for at this time of year!

Local Favourite: Sentinel Pass via Larch Valley Trail, Lake Louise (11.6 km / Hard)

Larch Valley is a great Dog Friendly Fall Hike

You will have to wake up early for this one! Moraine Lake parking lot gets full by 6am during Larch season. You can arrive early and have a nap in your car before setting off, but most hikers will get going immediately while it is still dark as the hike up to the Larch Valley isn’t all that. You will get the chance to see Lake Moraine on the way back down anyway. It is quite a steep climb, so don’t feel bad taking plenty of breaks. Those people overtaking you in the first hour? Trust me, they are going to be behind you again by lunch!


Once the forested switchbacks are out of the way, and the sun has hopefully risen, you will find yourself in the midst of Larch season. Generally, from mid to late September, various valleys around the area burst into gold! And nowhere does it more, or better, than the aptly named Larch Valley. You will then only have to endure a gradual ascent through the valley, where it is almost impossible to take too many photos. Eventually, the trail rises above the timberline, and you can take in the sheer majesty of the mountains around you.

It is definitely worth carrying on from here up to the Sentinel Pass. Situated between Mt Temple and Pinnacle Mountain, it offers the finest and most spectacular views of almost anywhere in the Canadian Rockies. The ascent can be a little slushy and icy, but perseverance will be rewarded. On the way back down, you will get some nice views of Lake Moraine through the trees to round out the day.
You won’t regret the early start!

More Fall Season Day Hikes Around Canmore

Pocaterra Ridge in Kananaskis (9.8 km / Hard)

A point to point hike that requires some serious stamina. Prepare to feel the burn in those thighs, but the views are stunning and then some! A couple Larches for your troubles too!

Bow River Trail in Canmore (6.1 km / Easy)

A nice stroll by the river and through some forest. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sarrail Ridge via Rawson Lake Trail in Kananaskis (11.3 km / Hard)

For those who wish to push themselves a little bit further into the deep wilderness. Varied difficult terrain from loose dirt to straight up rock sections with ropes, but totally worth it. Please be aware that if you are going to encounter a grizzly bear anywhere, it would be here!

C Level Cirque (9.3 km / Moderate)

Cascade Mountain’s little brother, a winding trail past old mine entrances and through the forest brings you to the base of the mountain. A scramble up the right of the Cirque is a must, the views of Lake Minnewanka are truly something special!






We’ve also detailed day hikes for Summer, Spring, and Winter. It is worth noting that all of these hikes require that dogs be leashed – for off leash dog park recommendations, check here.

The Best Winter Hikes in Canmore and Kananaskis

Looking to shed some of that “Xmas Cheer” you packed on? Can’t keep your balance skiing but still want to be active? Well, have I got a suggestion for you! Just remember that there is no such thing as overdressed at this time of year, so layer up. And nope, your UGGS or Blundstones are not going to cut it. Check out  what we consider to be some of the best winter hikes in Canmore and Kananaskis.

Local Favourite: Ha Ling Trail to Ha Ling Peak in Canmore (7.2 km / Hard)

Popular thanks to its close proximity to Canmore, Ha Ling is a difficult trail that far too many people underestimate. Steeper than most expect, with weather conditions can change very quickly so if you think you might need it, bring it! Boot grips are essential this time of year, and be prepared to lose your balance a few times.

You will begin making your way through a lovely forested area, which lasts for about half of the journey. There will be spots to take in the views, but trust me, it is always better the higher you ascend. When you reach a section of iced-over rocks with a metal chain; don’t be a hero, just use the chain to help you climb. Once you are above the timberline, there may be a deepish snow section to traverse. Depending on the weather, it may be a nicely packed trail or 2 feet of powder you wish you had brought snowshoes for. Whatever the conditions, it’s not going anywhere and as long as you take your time it is manageable.

You’ll know you are past the worst of it when you reach the first set of steps. Helpfully put there by Alberta Parks to reduce the amount of scrambling, they become somewhat treacherous once iced over. Once again, just take your time and ease your way up both sets of stairs. Now you are moments away from the saddle, a perfect point to stop and admire what you have accomplished so far. You will feel like you tower over Canmore! Now you can either stop here and feel it is a job well done, or you can continue onto the peak! The trail will grow steeper, and the term “mountain goat” may pop into your head, but if something was worth doing it would not be easy!

Now you are probably wondering “Why do Ha Ling in Winter? It seems so much tougher when it is already so difficult!” And to that I say firstly, that is the wrong attitude to have, and secondly, remember those treacherous stairs and iced over rock sections on the way up? Well, they just became the most fun you will ever have descending a mountain! Smoothed out ice slides that will make you forget what you were just complaining about. Just make sure there are no errant rocks or branches around that might snag you, then slide down long sections of the mountain on your butt!** Just a stone’s throw from Canmore, the most gratifying way to experience Ha Ling!

Video care of @squeekie_toth **Rockies Rentals does not accept any liability in the event of damaged clothing/equipment and/or injury sustained as a result of sliding down Ha Ling. Just be careful, ok? If you see a rock sticking out, just don’t risk it!

More of The Best Winter Hikes in Canmore and Kananaskis

Lower/Upper Kananaskis Lake (Moderate)

Superb snowshoeing conditions to be found deep into “K-Country” and also the occasional moose. Prepare to quickly find yourself waist deep if you step off a trail though!

Grotto Canyon Trail east of Canmore (7.1 km / Easy)

A distant cousin of the far, far tougher Grotto Mountain. Perfect for all skill levels, with a frozen waterfall and Inukshuk Garden along the way.

Prairie Mountain near Kananaskis (6.6 km / Hard)

Great workout; a steep trail with slick, icy spots throughout! Views of Calgary on a clear day if you are lucky (or unlucky, depending on what your think about Calgary).

Troll Falls Trail in Kananaskis (3.4 km / Easy)

Great for the whole family, although boot grips may come in handy when venturing to the upper falls.

Troll Falls in Winter

We’ve also detailed day hikes for Summer, Spring, and Fall. It is worth noting that all of these hikes require that dogs be leashed – for off leash dog park recommendations, check here.

5 Summer Day Hikes to Explore

Summer is the busiest time in the Canadian Rockies and the Bow Valley and for good reason. Beautiful weather, abundant wildlife and stunning wildflowers. If you’re willing to leave a little earlier in the day you might just beat the crowds. Slap on some 30 SPF sunscreen and remember to bring lots of water – stay hydrated! Check out these great Summer day hikes to explore during your stay.

Local Favourite: Rockbound Lake at Castle Mountain in Banff National Park (17.9 km / Moderate)

An alpine adventure if there ever was one! Start with a steady climb through the pristine forest. After around 4 km, the trail flattens out and you will be treated to views of the impressive Eisenhower Peak and the northern face of Castle Mountain.

Rockbound Lake AllTrails

Looking down on Rockbound Lake, with Eisenhower Peak and Castle Mountain Summit in the distance! Photo: @calebhphotography

Wildflowers will likely be out in bloom if you have gone a little later in the season. There’s a false finish, with the bright green Tower Lake greeting you, but there are some tough gravel switchbacks to assail first before you reach the final destination. Dropping down a short way through some more forest, Rockbound Lake will be right there! A panoramic spot, there’s plenty to explore once you reach it. Bizarre rock formations to clamber on and scree aplenty to slide down, the lake itself has decent brown trout fishing too.

For those with the desire to, there is an option from here to summit Castle Mountain, which increases the hike to over 30 km in distance and hard in difficulty rating. It is worth just getting up onto the ridge for the views alone. The trail is not well marked after the Lake, and be prepared for high winds and frigid temperatures once you reach the more exposed sections. But as an achievement, most locals put Castle Mountain up there! You will have earned a few ice-cold beverages after this!

More Summer Day Hikes Around Canmore

Grassi Knob near Canmore (5.7 km / Hard)

Short but sweet diversion from just off of the Highline Trail, there is no better view of The Three Sisters from the ground than this spot. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

Grassi Knob AllTrails Link

View of Three Sisters from Grassi Knob Summit

Jura Creek Trail east of Canmore (6.9 km / Moderate)

If the temperature pushing 30C plus and the UV index is off the charts this is the place to head to? You are in the shade for most of this trail, a godsend for those fairer skinned explorers. A couple crystal clear pools are also available to cool down in.

Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park (5.1 km / Easy)

For those who do not own hiking boots, and may never wish to own hiking boots. There are nice waterfalls along the way but expect crowds. (Note – during summer 2021 this area is only accessible by shuttle bus)

Healy Pass Trail AllTrails

Healy Pass Trail, in Banff National Park

Healy Pass Trail in Banff National Park (18.3 km / Hard)

Rated as tough not for steepness or terrain, but for the steady and constant elevation gain. Not a particularly interesting hike, except for during late summer when the wildflowers bloom! The Pass straddles the border of British Colombia and Alberta too if that floats your boat.

We’ve also detailed day hikes for Spring, Fall and Winter. It is worth noting that all of these hikes require that dogs be leashed – for off leash dog park recommendations, check here.

Local Business Feature: Sheepdog Brewing

It’s not a bad day at work when the assignment is “Please go interview the Sheepdog Brewing Staff”.

Sean sat down with Sheepdog Founders Allen Russel and Josh Forster, and enjoyed a pint and a laugh.

Sean: When did Sheepdog start? What is the origin of the name?
We opened our doors in June 2019! (Side note: The Rockies Rentals Crew was there!!) Josh and I started the concept in 2017 and in 2018 our third partner, David joined us. We went through a bunch of name ideas and finally decided on Sheepdog Brewing. All three of us are firefighters, law enforcement and a veteran so Sheepdog was an analogy for first responders, veterans and military.

There was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US military, who was a ranger, he came up with an analogy for military personnel going to war. He said that society is like a herd of sheep, they do their own thing, eat the grass, go to work. On the outside of the herd are the wolves that prey on the herd, like the bad guys or the terrorists. Then there’s the sheepdog who sits on the hill guarding the flock. When the wolves come to prey on the sheep, the sheepdog jumps into action and protects the flock.

Sean: So… you’re protecting the town of Canmore with beer?
Allen:  Yeah, exactly!! You guessed it! Sheepdog Brewing is a great place to spot a local firefighter!

Sean: How many beers/ales/stouts etc. do you typically have available?
Allen: We have 16 taps so we try and have 15 different types of beers available, plus we have a cider on tap too. We’re releasing a new item in July 2021 but it’s super secret right now.

Sean: How did “Pedal for Pints” come about?
Josh: We’re all big mountain bikers here in town. We wanted to find a way to support the local trail maintenance crews and find a way to raise some funds to build more trails and sustain our existing trails. We figured, what’s better than riding bikes and drinking beer? So we created a loop for businesses to get some awareness and sponsorship and a way for people to socialize after COVID.

Sean: What is your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
Allen:  Ginger beer!

Sean: What is the worst beer in the world?
Allen: I don’t know if there is a worst beer, maybe macro brewed beer. It’s cheap, but flavourless.

Sean: I hear that Sheepdog is dog friendly, which brings me to my final 2 questions; Who’s a good boy? Are you a good boy?
Allen: *Belly Laugh* That’s right!! I’m a good boy! Do I get a cookie?

Staff Favourites from Sheepdog Brewing

Sean’s Pick: Coconut Porter, and the Guava Kettle Sour
Kristina’s Pick: Guava Kettle Sour, and the Boysenberry Wheat Ale
Charla’s Pick: Charla is our eternal Designated Driver, and  *loves* the “Non Alcoholic Beer Dispenser” on the 2nd Level.  Spoiler alert: It’s a Fire Hydrant.

When asked his favourite Tom Replied: “Not been there in a while so not sure really. I like wheat beers though”… Follow our Blog for more of Tom’s Recommendations.

Check out what they’ve got on tap, which days they have food trucks, and where to find their patio next time you’re in Canmore here!

Hiking in the Bow Valley and Canadian Rockies

Since you’ve decided to stay in Canmore for your mountain adventure, you better not be spending all your time inside! Hiking can be a great way to get away from the crowds and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our surrounding area. The great outdoors is accessible all year long, so strap on some good sturdy boots and try hiking in the Bow Valley and Canadian Rockies!

Some day hikes are great for any season, some might only be accessible at certain times of the year. This is by no means a comprehensive list. The Rocky Mountains would take even the most avid hiker a couple of lifetimes to fully explore. From Kananaskis to Castle Mountain, Lake Louise to Policeman’s Creek, it’s all great and it’s all waiting for you to explore!

Spring Hiking in the Rockies

Photos: Top Left- West Wind Pass, Top Right- Egypt Lake by @calebhphotography,  Bottom Left- Porcupine Ridge, Bottom Left – Grassy Knob, View of Three Sisters

We’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite day hikes by season and they can be found here:

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to check out some of these hikes. But remember – it is always best to do your own research beforehand, using multiple sources. These sources could be including but not limited to:

Be aware of any possible closures and/or advisories. Remember that everyone has different levels of fitness and ambition, but the most important thing is getting out there and exploring the Canadian Rockies while respecting the environment and everything that resides within it. Do not forget your bear spray (yes, all year round), good boots, an extra pair of socks and never skimp when packing the snacks!



5 Favourite Local Canmore Summer Guided Experiences

Looking for something different to do this summer and not sure where to start? Have you ever tried a guided tour? They can be a great way to safely try something new, learn a new skill or meet people. Here are our favourite local Canmore and Banff guided summer experiences, some of which you won’t find anywhere else!


Canadian Rockies Experience 

If you’d like to explore the Rockies in style, this company has everything planned out to get you the best views, food, and facts. They’ll pick you up at your door and escort you on a tour of your choosing. They can also plan personalized hikes or tours if what you’d like to do isn’t already in their repertoire. Ask one of our reservations staff for a Rockies Rentals specific discount code!


Bow Valley SUP & Surf 

We spend so much time taking pictures of lakes and rivers, and don’t get out on them nearly enough (in our opinion). SUP tours are a fun way to take in the beauty of the Bow Valley from a new vantage point. You can also book lessons, or custom group trips.


Kahli April Photography

Local photographer Kahli (pronounced like, Bali) a landscape photographer originally from Australia, offers a range of exciting fun workshops for photographers. Summer workshops include CMH Heli Hiking and night photography in Banff National Park. Kahli also offer private instruction as well as mountain elopements and weddings!


OnTop Mountaineering

OnTop Mountaineering offer Summer Day Camps for Youth in Canmore & Banff and the Bow Valley. With two groups, ages 11 – 13 and 14 – 17, this program offers youth an opportunity to learn new skills and improve their technique. Open to any skill and experience level.


Boundary Ranch

If you’re not one for hiking but would LOVE to check out some of the beauty that Kananaskis has to offer, taking a trail ride with Boundary Ranch might just be for you. They have a large variety of guided tours on horseback and in conjunction with other activities, some even include meals!

Canine Canmore –Tips for Visiting Canmore with Your Dog

Are you visiting Canmore with your dog? Here are a few insider tips on where to find essentials and dogs parks. Most importantly – we explain why it’s important to always have your dog on-leash.

Pet Stores & Grooming

Mutt Hut Pet EmporiumThis local downtown Canmore pet store has it all! They offer a large selection of high-quality products and food, as well as a pet bakery and spa-like grooming services. They also have the best in-house smoked marrow bones. Please consider supporting local!

Pet PlanetLocated near the Canadian Tire and the two grocery stores. Pet Planet has a good selection of treats, toys, food, and other products for your pet. They also have a self-serve grooming room at the back.

Dirty Dog Car & Truck Wash – You won’t find much about it online but here’s a local’s secret for you: there’s a do-it-yourself dog and car wash in Cougar Creek at 126 Bow Meadows Cres.

Why it’s Essential to Leash Your Dog in the Rockies

Did you know that all dogs must be on-leash at all times in and around Canmore, Banff, and Kananaskis due to an increased threat of wildlife conflicts? The only exceptions are the designated off-leash dog parks around Canmore, and off-leash dog parks in Banff. In the Rockies, wildlife is our top priority so off-leash dogs are considered a big taboo.

“A two-year remote camera study of human use in wildlife corridors and habitat patches around Canmore between 2015-2017 showed almost 50,000 records of dogs, 58 per cent of which were off leash. In particular, her research showed off-leash dogs had a negative impact on habitat use of black bears, elk and deer, and hikers were had a negative impact on habitat use of cougars and white-tailed deer.”  (Source)

Dog Parks in Canmore

Canmore has five incredible off-leash dog parks. We highly recommend checking them all out with your furry family members. You’ll notice that Canmore residents have no issue bringing balls and toys to the park. We like to give a head’s up as this can be different from the culture in other towns.

One of Canmore locals’ favourites is Quarry Park, which is suitable for only the very best-behaved dogs because it is unfenced. The Town of Canmore has placed large boulders to mark where the edge of the park is, and there are signs at the boundaries. Unfortunately the lake itself is not an off-leash area, but there is a pond in the dog park so your pooch can take a dip as well. If you are visiting in the winter remember to check the Town of Canmore’s avalanche bombing schedule for the East End of Rundle mountain. The booming sounds have been known to startle dogs that are unfamiliar with them.

Elk Run is arguably one of the best parks for a sunset game of fetch, as it features a large flat field and panoramic views of the mountain ranges that flank Canmore. This park is fenced, and at its busiest in the morning – typically from 7:30-9am. Sticks are hard to find here as there are few trees. We recommend bringing a ball or a toy of some kind just in case the park is quiet! This is the neighbourhood park most used by residents of the Cougar Creek area but there is a large parking lot and all are welcome!

Elk Run Dog Park Canmore Alberta

The Cougar Creek/1A Park is the second biggest park, and also the second-busiest (after Quarry). It’s rare to have this place to yourself! Locals call this park “Helipad” due to its proximity to the Heliport – if your dog is not comfortable with loud noises or crowds, this is not the park for you. Characterized by paths that wind through the trees, and rocky open areas (a remnant of the 2013 floods) this park can make you feel like you’re out on an adventure and not in a fully fenced park in town. If you’re steady on your feet and looking for a crowd, this park will tick all of the boxes – there are also lots of sticks!

Palliser dog park is a fully fenced park located in front of a condo complex. It is a smaller neighbourhood park that may seem as though it is just for the residents of those buildings. It is open to all, but parking can be limited on the street.

Hubman Dog Park is also a smaller neighbourhood park. There is limited parking here, in the lot located at the intersection of Three Sisters Boulevard and Riva Rd. The park is not immediately visible from the parking lot, and is accessed by following the paved path along the Frisbee Golf course. There is a high chance of coming across Elk here so please keep your pup leashed and under control until you are in the park.

Hiking with Dogs Around Canmore & Banff

Most dogs love walks, and hikes are basically just reaaally long walks, with a few more things to take into consideration. While we at Rockies Rentals are dog lovers and dog owners – we are not experts on hiking with dogs. For the top things to keep in mind when out on your next mountain adventure, check out The 10 Commandments of Hiking with Dogs.

There is one thing not noted in that article, however, that we think you should also keep in mind. Dogs need water when hiking, and most mountains lack water as you gain elevation. PLEASE always remember to bring water for you AND your dog.

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Rainy Day Guide – Canmore & Banff

Ever wonder what to do on a rainy day in Canmore and Banff? Make the most of your vacation with our rainy day guide!

One of the more common questions we hear from our guests is, “What is there to do around Canmore and Banff on a rainy day?” While we wish we could control the weather to ensure you all have beautiful sunny weather for every day of your vacation there are some limits to our superpowers, so we’ve created this ‘Rainy Day Guide’ to Canmore & Banff!

Below is a list of our favourite activities to do around Canmore and Banff on a rainy day. Please note, all information is subject to change. Restriction and closures may be in effect due to COVID. If you’re going for a drive, we suggest you check for road closures. Please call ahead or check online to confirm details about your destination before heading out.

 Sightsee in Banff National Park Without Getting Wet on a Rainy Day

 Get Physical on a Rainy Day

 Rainy Day Guide – Culture & Heritage in Canmore & Banff

 Rainy Day Guide – Canmore & Banff Community Experiences

Get Creative

If You Don’t Mind Getting Wet…

There are also endless trails to choose from, a few of our favourites include:

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